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The History

The band history of Alan Ford spans over more than two decades and is characterized by various phases.

Originally founded in 1999 under the name "Opinion" as a classic four-man band, the collective musical journey began with frontman Aladin and Michael as the drummer. In the years that followed, Opinion worked hard on refining their sound and crafting their song lyrics.

After eight years, Opinion disbanded, leading to a seven-year hiatus. During this time, the band members focused on their own life paths, and not much happened musically. Aladin, sitting on the top of the mountain of self-written songs, teamed up with Adnan, who had just freshly graduated from his studies, to revisit the songs. The two brothers began working on the music in the basement of their house. Initially nothing more than a hobby, it quickly became apparent that a duo of vocals/guitar and drums couldn't do justice to the music. In 2014, Michael's path led him back to music, and the band was revived under the name "Alan Ford." After several changes in members, Martin finally joined the band in 2023 as the lead and solo guitarist. His musical paths had crossed with those of other band members in the past. As a school friend, he played music with Adnan in the school band and in joint band projects, occasionally sharing rehearsal spaces with Opinion and even accompanying a recording of the precursor to Alan Ford. Hence, he was very familiar with the music, and it quickly became clear: The band is complete!

Alan Ford Studio

Alan Ford

Although Alan Ford is the name of a well-known actor, it has no relation to the band's naming. Additionally, "Alan Ford" is also the name of a comic and its heroes. Growing up in war-torn former Yugoslavia, this comic was Aladin's favorite, providing him strength and joy during challenging times. Through the comics, he processed impressions and experiences, which strongly reflects in the band's lyrics. Inspired by war, suffering, and fears of the future, but also by love, human kindness, and the beautiful and valuable aspects of life, these themes continue to resonate with the zeitgeist.

Alan Ford's music is most accurately categorized within the genre of Alternative Rock. Influenced and shaped by '90s giants such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, the band crafted their own unique musical style that has continuously evolved.

Vocals / Guitar

Aladin Kajtazovic


Martin Mittelstädt


Adnan Kajtazovic


Michael Kögler


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